2020 APCM Documents

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting of the Parish of Graffham with Woolavington for 2020 will take place in Spring 2021 after the Parish Eucharist at St Giles Church Graffham. The following documents which inform this meeting are available to read below.

You are also referred to the 2020 TAR Report and Financial Review which can be accessed here soon.


MINUTES OF THE 2020 APCM to be approved at the meeting.



Report on the Fabric, Goods and Ornaments of the Parish

The Fabric Group takes day to day responsibility for the fabric and maintenance of the Church and grounds, reporting to the PCC which is the decision-making body.

The Fabric Group currently consists of the two churchwardens, Stuart Lewis (chair), Phillip Turner and Bill Dixon.  Other individuals may join in due course.

Annual Maintenance Plan

The Fabric Group have drawn up a draft Annual Maintenance Plan which lists all the aspects of the church that need to be considered by the group throughout the course of the year.  There is also a plan for a cloud-based document so that the various needs can be seen by all members of the PCC.  If you as a parishioner sees an item that needs attention please bring it to the notice of one of the PCC.

The maintenance plan does not currently address the needs relating to the Churchyard extension across the road from the church.  We would like to gather a group of interested volunteers from within the village who would be keen to do some work to keep this very special place within the village at its best for humans and wildlife alike. If you have any ideas do please let us know.

Works carried out since the last APCM

During the multiple lockdowns over the last year Reverend Vivien and Phillip have given the church the best sort out and tidy that it has had for decades (or possibly ever in its history)!  Their work has unearthed long lost treasures including some old bibles and tithe documents as well as a banner for the Graffham Mothers’ Union.

We are very pleased that the church has also continued to receive some TLC over  the last year with stonemason Shepherd and Grantham having carried out some skilled repairs to the string course and general repointing.  Overall we have spent approx £3000 bringing this about.  We think they have done a great job.

We aim to keep Graffham’s most historic building going strong for centuries to come.



Due to the Pandemic meetings of the Deanery Synod have been limited to one Zoom meeting. It was good to hear how individual churches have managed their services and finances though as is the nature of Zoom meetings this was rather sketchy. The new Bishop of Horsham attended the meeting and we heard about her life leading up to her appointment. Like everybody she has not found it easy to meet people during the Pandemic but she is hoping that as restrictions ease it will become more possible. She came across as a friendly open person.



There are 66 on the new roll a reduction of three from last year. During the year we acquired one new member and lost three through death and one who moved away.



Six weeks after the previous APCM St Giles church was closed for worship and no social gatherings took place. Apart from the four weeks leading up to Christmas Day the church has remained closed until just over a month ago. As required by law, Covid-19 risk assessment has taken place for services which have been offered, including two churchyard baptisms, one of which was by total immersion, and The Graffham Nativity. Risk assessment was also carried out for hedge trimming of the Churchyard Extension.