Please help safeguard Graffham’s historic village church and parish

At the centre of Graffham village life for 800 years, yet today the future of St Giles and the independence of our parish are more threatened than ever.

The closure of the church during the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a serious loss of income at a time when the previous annual financial shortfall was already placing the parish in a precarious position.  Despite the generosity of many, we’re looking now at projected £10,000 deficit at the end of 2020.  Much needed basic maintenance, let alone highly desired improvements, such as the urgently needed installation of a toilet, become out of the question as things stand.

No parishes receive central funding from the Church of England.  While church services are suspended or curtailed and social occasions forbidden, donations have been our only source of income. Without it, our future is at risk.

It’s hard to imagine Graffham without a thriving church, a focus for the community at Christmas, Easter, Rememberance Day or for weddings or funerals.  No bells ringing out over our homes and fields.  No priest to serve us here.

Every act of generosity is hugely appreciated, but regular giving is the best way to provide support.  The secure platform this provides assures us that our bills can be paid and allows us to plan for the future.  If you are an occasional or regular giver when you visit our church, it would help enormously if you would be good enough to support us on a planned basis – weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.  In most cases, the government will add 25% to what you give through Gift Aid. 

Please help safeguard the future of St Giles and all it does in serving the Graffham community. Choose which of the five easy ways best suit you: