Welcome and Hospitality


St Giles is a beautiful and historic Church and we often receive visitors who are visiting the area on holiday or staying with friends, both to spend time in its peaceful, prayerful interior and to come to Services at St Giles.  St Giles and All Saints folk are friendly people, and if you are visiting please be assured of a welcome here.  We have a free Visitors’ leaflet for you to use and take away which you can also find here.   If you would like to know more, please visit the History section of our website menu.



We enjoy serving refreshments after services when we can, to meet one another and build friendships and community life. These are served at St Giles after ‘Church on Sunday’ services on the first Sunday of each month and other special festival services. We have delicious coffee and often home-made cake and biscuits.  


Flower Arranging

Graffham loves flowers and appreciates its volunteers who arrange them. We have a lovely display both at St Giles and All Saints, every Sunday except Lent and Advent and several arrangements at St Giles on Festival occasions. Although arrangers often kindly provide their own flowers, the Church has a flower fund which helps provide for larger arrangements for Festivals, and a small sum can be allocated for regular services if need be. Often people donate towards lilies in memory of loved ones at Easter. It is a while since we held a Flower Festival in St Giles, the last being the Queen’s Jubilee in 2012. Perhaps it is time for another soon.

If you enjoy flower arranging and would like to join the regular flower rota or help at festivals you would be very welcome. Please see Contact Us for the flower arranging Co-ordinator’s details, who will be pleased to hear from you.


The cleaning team are the unsung heroes of our church, working in pairs on a rota basis to keep our church a safe and pleasant place worthy for worship to take place and for visitors to enjoy.  We welcome additional support for this work. Please see Contact Us for the housekeeping  Co-ordinator’s details, who will be pleased to hear from you.